CHIP-8 Emulator

This is an 8-bit emulator written in C#. It took me about a year to develop, working on it here and there. It will run CHIP-8 programs that were originally run on 1970s era devices using 8-bit microprocessors, the RCA 1802 being the most common. The 1802 was used in applications such as the RCA Studio II console and the Telmac 1800 home computer. Included with the emulator are many ROMs, including classic games such as Pong, Bowling, Brix, and Space Invaders.



The system supports 16 key inputs, which are mapped to the following on a modern keyboard:


You may need to adjust the clock speed depending on your system and the ROM you’re running. If you’re running the mono build for Linux you may need to disable SpinWait.


Windows Binaries | Linux Binaries | Source

* Requires the mono runtime. To install the runtime do “sudo apt-get install mono-complete” from terminal. To launch the emulator, navigate terminal to the emulator folder and enter “mono chip8.emu”.