Build a Native Windows App With Node and .NET

This is a CPU monitor using Electron on Node for the front end, and .NET/C# on the back end. A library called EdgeJS communicates between the Javascript Electron app and the .NET DLL.

The advantage of this is that the UI can be built with standard web technologies, and is easily ported to a mobile app or web app. At the same time you can leverage C# to interact with hardware and do other tasks that .NET is well-suited for. Electron is able to target Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, and the .NET DLL can be invoked by the Mono runtime on MacOS and Linux.

Get the app here:

You’ll need to have NodeJs and Visual Studio installed. Open the Visual Studio project and build that first, then do an “npm install” from the ui folder. After that you can run “npm run start” to run the app. Enjoy!