Some of the best technologies in 2019 – and they’re free

The best technologies in life are free. Don’t spend your money on tools, spend it on people who can do amazing things!


Proxmox is an enterprise-grade virtualization platform that includes support for both VMs and containers. Everything you need is included out of the box from backups to web management to monitoring.


This database is fast, lightweight, and well-supported – and comes with amazing tools like MySQL Workbench. Aside from being vendor-locked (or wanting to donate to Larry Ellison) I see no reason to pay money for a relational database in the year 2019.


Wekan is an open-source Kanban board. A lot of the paid products out there attempt to turn Agile into a formal, managed process. This free tool is powerful yet manages to stick to the basics.

Stanford Core NLP

A natural language processing library that’s at the core of many modern NLP-based technologies. It’s able to perform many language-based tasks nearly as well as a human.

Ubuntu Server

This versatile server can run in your Proxmox environment and host everything from databases to source control to Node and .NET apps.

Git with GitKraken

GitKracken is a powerful client that can be used to manage your Git repository that’s hosted on your Ubuntu server running under Proxmox.


A chat environment for your team. Pretty basic, but a lot of companies pay money for chat.

Visual Studio Code

VS Code is one of the best editors around! Lots of plugins are available.


Jenkins allows you to securely and reliably build and deploy your apps with the click of a button.


LibreOffice is supported by The Document Foundation and includes robust word processing and spreadsheet apps that boast a wide range of file formats.

Tesseract and Tensorflow
An OCR and a machine learning framework. Both are very powerful, free, and have wide support and adoption.